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If she does not like you, her demeanor will be cold and standoffish. If you ask her for a date, and she agrees, it is one of the signs a Cancer woman likes you.

Cancer Sun in Love: Traits, Expectations & Fears

If she does not like you, she will refuse. Even if she likes you, though, she might not agree right away, and she may need coaxing. You can tell by her demeanor and tone of voice whether coaxing will be effective. If her no is firm, but polite, you are generally out of luck. If she says no in a way that seems indecisive or hesitating, she might looking for you to persuade her. Cancer women are the most nurturing women in the zodiac, and even in the very early stages of your relationship, she will begin to look after you.

The Cancer Woman

She will notice if you seem sad, or if you have not eaten. She will offer to get things for you or pay attention to how you take your coffee. If you tell her about your problems or difficulties, she will sincerely express her sympathy. These demonstrations of care and concern about your welfare are one of the hallmark signs a Cancer woman likes you at any stage of your relationship.

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The next stage of a relationship is when a friendship begins to develop. Friendships are 11th House relationships, and the 11th House from Cancer is Taurus. As a Cancer woman begins to feel safe with you, she will relax and start enjoying your company. A Cancer woman does not like parties or large social gatherings, but she does like to be with those she is close to. She generally has a small amount of friends who she spends a lot of time with one-on-one. You will know if you have become a part of her small, select group of friends if she wants as much time with you as you will give her.

Cancer women are known to be rather clingy. They like to be in constant contact with those that they care about. A Cancer woman will tend to be insecure, and she will need a lot of reassurance that you really do care about her. She will also genuinely worry about you if she has not heard from you for too long of a time period. If this is a difficulty for you, she will probably be happy with sweet emoji or short messages over text.

She does not necessarily need long conversations, just something to let her know that you are ok and that you really do still like her. The nice thing about this will be that if you need reassurance, she will gladly give you as much as you want. A Cancer women will understand your insecurities, and there will never be any need to adopt a false bravado or tough exteriors. She will like you all the more if you show your vulnerabilities.

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Like a Taurus woman , a Cancer woman will almost always be a fabulous cook. As you become close to her, it is almost certain that at some point, a Cancer woman will invite you for dinner. You can give her no greater compliment than to clean your plate and ask for seconds or thirds. If you do not, she will worry that you did not like it. If there is something you actually did not like about the meal, it is best to be honest about it. She will know if you are holding back to be polite, and she will imagine the problem was far worse than it probably was.

Another reason to tell her is that if you continue to see her, she will most likely cook for you often. She will remember what you said and change the recipe accordingly. After a time, your relationship may blossom into a full-blown romance. Romantic relationships are found in the 5th House, and the 5th House from Cancer is Scorpio.

In popular astrology, Cancer sometimes gets the reputation of being somewhat weak and overly emotional. While the reputation of excessive emotions is fair, a Cancer woman is far from weak! A Cancer woman in love will show her strength and is a force to be reckoned with. Below are the signs a Cancer woman likes you and is falling in love. Unless there is a very good reason not to, a Cancer woman will maintain very close ties to her parents and her family.

If she falls in love with you, she will want you to meet them. She will also want to meet your parents and your family. Family is extremely important to Cancer, and if your relationship becomes serious, you will need to accept that her family will be a part of your life together.

Hopefully, you will get along with them. By the same token, she will be very understanding of your family obligations. If you are estranged from your family for any reason, she will want to help you reconcile with them. As loving as a Cancer woman can be, this sign is known for its temper!

Dating a Cancer Woman: a Comprehensive Guide

Remember that Cancer is the Crab, and a crab has claws! As you spend more time with her, and as she feels safe around you, it is very likely she will let that side of herself show. When she is angry, a Cancer woman can say things that are biting to the point of cruelty. If your Cancer woman becomes angry with you, it is best to back away and not engage with her.

You have probably said or done something that has hurt her tender side, and she is protecting herself. The last thing you want to do is in any way back her into a corner, literally or symbolically. Once she calms down and feels safe again, she will return to her sweet self and will feel bad about hurting you. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, and a Cancer woman will almost certainly want children. One of the signs a Cancer woman likes you and is becoming serious about you is if she starts to talk about having children and asking you whether you want them.

If you do not want children, this may be a difficulty in your relationship with her. If your Cancer woman is older and past childbearing age, if she already has grown children, or if for any reason, she is unable to have them, she will usually have pets that she treats as her children. The pets of a Cancer woman will almost always be a bit spoiled, and they may resent your intrusion.

Even so, if you want to be with a Cancer woman, you will need to find a way to get along with any pets she has as well. If you have gotten through all of the other stages in your relationship, and all has gone well, you may want to get married or settle into a long term partnership. When and if this happens, your relationship will move into the 7th House. The 7th House from Cancer is Capricorn. Her smarts give her insightful, innovative, and original solutions to any challenges she might face.

You will find the Moon-ruled Cancer is one who is extremely loving. This is not unusual for the Moon-ruled since the Cancer sign also corresponds to the Crab.

Cancer Woman

Her memory is exceptional, and this too can be a good thing. It allows her to have fond lasting memories, or it can prove a negative is she is one that ends up having trouble letting go of bothersome, hurtful memories as such thoughts can end up haunting her. With the Moon governing this female, she may be prone to explainable mood swings. She loves with all of her being and gives all of herself to those she loves. You will find the Cancer female is unselfish with her love.

She continues to give of herself until the point where it seems like there is nothing more to give. Her unselfish nature has most assuredly got her in trouble in a prior relationship too. There are those who would take advantage of her deep kindness and need to nurture.

She will, therefore, need a continual reminder of your loyalty and trustworthiness as her past may haunt her heart in a way that makes her emotionally nervous and fearful of intense intimacy. It is in the most private moments where she prefers to express her most compassionate nature. She is an affectionate lover who prefers intimate exchanges versus the good old romp in the hay. She considers her environment her most sacred and protected space. Remember the Crab is her icon.