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  1. Going solo? The best holidays for single travellers
  2. Want To Get Lucky During The Holidays? This Is The Guide For You
  3. Solo travel: 10 great holidays for singles

Secondly, learn everything you can about Hanukkah, the holiday underdog that occasionally runs concurrently with Christmas.

Going solo? The best holidays for single travellers

Get her something meaningful to make her feel happy and Important during a time when the entire nation is talking about Christmas trees and Jesus. Basically, get out of your comfort zone and spoil your lovely chosen girl.

Holiday hookup 2012

I know what you're thinking: If that one who got away has recently come back and happens to be on tinder, guess whose mug she's going to see popping up on her phones Keep your tinder game strong by looking for matches far and wide in conjunction with your location, then - when you get a match - go to your local bar and relive all those memories a la every single movie in which the main character returns home after spending years away.

Is it cheap if you use the crutch of a timeless holiday tradition to lock lips with a cutie?

Want To Get Lucky During The Holidays? This Is The Guide For You

That's why you should do it. The mistletoe tradition has been around for ages and it's almost weird if you DON'T kiss someone after both wandering underneath it. Embrace the weed and kiss.

So it's Christmas Eve and you've just landed the hottest date in the history of hot dates, the only problem? That dope hot dog joint you take all your dates to is closed. First of all, stop taking girls to hot dog restaurants - that's weird. Use this holiday schedule to your advantage and bring her to your house for a nice home-cooked meal, followed by a tame movie.

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It's that whole process that created the phrase " Netflix and chill " or, as I call it, Hulu and hug. Am I crazy for saying Jimmy Stewart's voice is like viagra? There's something about old movies, specifically the overly-romantic plot lines, that gets people all hot and bothered. While it should be noted that "It's A Wonderful Life" can and should be watched anytime of year, the classic is the kind of movie that can bring couples to tears Let's hope we'll grow up in a world where snow isn't a distant memory. The white stuff evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia that's, frankly, as contagious as the result of a one-night stand without protection.

Instead of a boring "adult" date filled with wine and expensive food, do something silly in the snow.

Solo travel: 10 great holidays for singles

Build a snowman, go sledding, build an igloo and then have sex in it! Actually, don't don't do that last one unless you have something to do it on All in all I met some very lovely people, made new friends and had a super holiday.

I thoroughly recommend Solitair. Our rep was a great guy, he made sure we were all happy and having a great time.

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This was going to be my "test run" to see if it would work for me. Everyone I met was very helpful and friendly. I was apprehensive about going on holiday with people I didn't know, but by the middle of the first day I no longer felft I was on holiday with people I didn't know!