Whos dating who on general hospital

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In , by popular demand, the couple's song was featured on SOAPnet's , television talk show Soap Talk and performed by Jayson Belt in a mini concert for the studio audience.

Whos dating who on general hospital - video dailymotion

In , after guest starring on General Hospital , American Idol contestant and tenth place finalist Chikezie Eze , covered the couple's theme song on his YouTube account. Also in , a new instrumental version of "Just You and Me" was composed for the couple's reunion. Steve Burton on Jason and Sam's beginnings [21]. Since their inception, Jason and Sam's intense and tumultuous relationship has captivated audiences for years. Overtime, this relationship evolved into a friendship and later into love. At the core of their characters, Sam, the more outspoken of the two, has a tendency to ramble, while Jason is more of the stoic and silent type.

However, the couple found that they shared other similar personality traits, such as their "daring, adrenaline junkie" attitudes, that bonded them together as kindred spirits. This relationship stuck out amongst Jason Morgan's others, because Sam was the first woman to completely accept him and not try to change him in any way.

Soap Opera Weekly , on Jason and Sam's relationship. Sam and Jason's commonalities cause them to understand each other in a way no one else does, and this understanding was the basis of the connection between the characters. Burton explained the couple's connection to Soap Opera Weekly: During times of high pressure and stress, "the only person who can cool down Jason is, of course, Sam.

She really understands Jason.

Kelly Monaco Married, Husband, Net Worth, Billy Miller, Wiki, Bio

Burton and Monaco, the acting duo that originally brought this pairing to life, have often commented on how their two characters weren't originally supposed to be together, but the fan reaction and their on-screen chemistry caused the General Hospital writers to move them in a new direction. Their love story was allowed to evolve naturally and organically. They spent many years together and in that time, overcame several obstacles that tried to keep them apart. The couple shared many loving, joyful, and tender moments and have also prevailed over periods of turmoil, heartache and separation.

General Hospital ❤️ Real Life Couples 2018

Soap Opera Digest , on Jason and Sam's history. Several of their storylines have revolved around adventure with an "us against the world" theme present. They have been on the run from law enforcement more than once; most notably in early when Sam was framed for kidnapping and Jason was the only one who believed her innocence, in the summer of when they went on the run with Sonny's oldest son Michael Corinthos then Dylan Cash to protect him from murder charges and again the fall of when Sam was being framed for murder.

The couple was referred to as a real live "Bonnie and Clyde" onscreen on July 31, , when they were arrested while trying to track down runaways Michael and Kristina. They also have a similar comfort with living outside of the law and making their own rules. Jason and Sam first met when they were both arrested for aiding and abetting Sonny Corinthos Maurice Benard. The two have often been caught in situations where they were in trouble with the law.

The two started to interact more after Sam got involved with a married Sonny, and Jason tried to pay her off so that Sonny would go back to his wife, Carly then Tamara Braun. Sam refused, and the two were constantly fighting, even after Jason was assigned as Sam's bodyguard to protect her from Sonny's enemies. Sam agrees to Jason's request and they almost marry, but Sam backs out because they are not in love and she still has feelings for Sonny.

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Jason and Sam began to bond and care for each other during her pregnancy, and became friends. Jason protected Sam from her abusive ex-boyfriend and took care of her mentally handicapped brother, Danny McCall David Greenman. Jason and Sam grieve together, eventually falling in love.

Kelly Monaco Married Life, Husband, Billy Miller

Though Jason turns down pursuing a relationship and Sam moves out, the two get back together when they realize they do not want to be without each other. Sam and Jason get engaged in January They plan to adopt baby Hope, until the mother decides to take her baby back. Jason convinces Sam to give Hope up to avoid a court battle. Sam is hurt and angry at this decision and leaves Jason briefly, but they reunite after Sam is accused of kidnapping. Jason is the only one to believe Sam's innocence, and was able to prove it.

Whos dating who on general hospital

When things cooled down, Jason and Sam went on a romantic vacation, but they were kidnapped by Allegra Montenegro Meg Bennett , who needed Sam to impersonate her daughter Alicia, and marry Andrew Olsen. Sam reluctantly agreed to save Jason and herself. Allegra helped Jason break Sam out of jail, get the real Alicia arrested, and they returned to Port Charles. After returning, Jason began to suffer from life-threatening headaches, seizures and amnesia. Sam is there for Jason when he eventually loses his memory as a result of his illness. Sam convinces Jason to undergo treatment with the help Dr.

Robin Scorpio Kimberly McCullough. He and Sam fall in love all over again and he proposes to her a second time before he begins his treatment. After the treatment, Jason gets his memory back and remembers his life with Sam, but the procedure causes a brain aneurysm. Jason initially refuses to have surgery to repair the damage, and he and Sam move to Hawaii to live out his last days peacefully. However, Jason realizes that he wants to live to be with Sam, and returns to Port Charles to have the surgery, which ended up saving his life.

In , during the encephalitis plague, Sam became deathly sick. Jason and Carly found the antidote, and brought it to General Hospital. Unfortunately, they were not in time to save Danny. Sam found out afterwards she was adopted, and that her birth mother was Alexis Davis Nancy Lee Grahn.

When Sam is shot by one of Jason's enemies, he tells Alexis that Sam is her daughter. Alexis pressures Jason into breaking up with Sam for her own good. Though Jason walks away, Sam continually tries to win him back, but all her efforts fail. Unfortunately, Alexis and Jason, having both returned in an attempt to apologize and patch things up with Sam, witness this. Elizabeth becomes pregnant, and the baby was initially believed to be the child of her husband, Lucky then Greg Vaughan. Sam and Jason are able to reconcile and work through their issues. Jason learns that he is the father of Elizabeth's son, Jake Spencer , but they decide not to tell Sam or Lucky, who still thinks the baby is his.

But Sam learns about Jake's paternity and becomes hurt, angry and jealous. Sam witnesses Jake being kidnapped and does not intervene; Jason later rescues Jake from his kidnapper, who tells him that Sam saw what happened. Sam visits Jason in prison and breaks up with him, citing his lies and emotional unfaithfulness as her reasons, when began a 2-year breakup, and have her packed all of her things and moves into her new penthouse.

When Jason starts a relationship with Elizabeth, Sam, devastated and angry, hires actors to scare Elizabeth and her sons at gunpoint to remind her that Jason's enemies are everywhere. However, Jason traces the goons back to Sam; confronting her in her own home, Jason openly threatens to kill Sam if she tries anything against Elizabeth's family again. Despite the severity of Sam's actions, the break up was received with mixed reviews.

Monaco explains to Soap Opera Digest in a interview, "I feel Sam and Jason was so abruptly ended without any explanation, really, as to the coldness that was so one-sided [on Jason's part]. Of course, Jake came into play, but I felt like Jason and Sam were always strong enough to overcome.

Who knows [what will happen] down the line?

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In Fall , former ABC Daytime president, Brian Frons began hinting that more Sam and Jason interaction would occur in the future, because the audience wanted to see more of that. During the lockdown, Elizabeth ran into the hospital with Jake after being in a house fire. Joe initially refused to let any of the doctors help Elizabeth and Jake, but Sam managed to convince Joe to allow Jake treatment. Soon after, Jason arrived at GH, and he and Sam fell back into their old pattern and worked together to stop Joe. Jason and Sam then went their separate ways for a few months, but they both maintained a mutual friend in Spinelli and this sometimes caused them to cross paths.


Jason Morgan and Sam McCall

In early , Sam and Jason are inside General Hospital when it is locked down again due to an outbreak of a bio toxin. The two teamed up to rescue Spinelli when the hospital starts to burn down. Jason, in turn, helps Sam and Spinelli set up a private investigation firm. Jason ends up shot by Jerry, who leaves him to die.