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Maybe that was because interviews are time consuming, but I suspect that it was because of the topic. What do you think is the best thing about millenial dating while in college? People hesitated and definitely struggled with this question. You can just go to a party and hookup with anyone. There will always be someone and if I'm being serious for a second…that hardest problem I have is finding a girl my size.

A Conversation on Campus Dating Violence and Sexual Assault

With outlets like Facebook and Instagram you can know a lot about people's lives before meeting them. It's like I can hang out with a guy and be thinking "how was your aunt's trip to Bermuda in ?

Unfortunately this also leads to people putting on a persona online that may not be who they really are. I wanted to know how the people who hated the way we dated the most, thought we could change it. Communcation and being honest with each other.

What It’s Like Dating Someone Who’s More Attractive Than You [Intimacy Issues]

I would appreciate that more than just sitting around trying to figure out how we feel about each other. Start being direct and stop hiding from emotion.

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We're grown ass adults, it's not that serious. Stop limiting yourself to certain fraternities because of social status connotations. There are great guys everywhere and to limit yourself to certain organizations is childish.

Dating campus issues

After asking students of many different genders and backgrounds, I found that their responses were all over the place on this question. In general though, everyone could agree with the pessimistic view that if you're someone who wants a relationship during this time period, you're screwed.

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The person who cares more in the relationship is definitely the biggest victim. Black women are very much victims because they need to get more credit than they do, and more attention.

A Conversation on Campus Dating Violence and Sexual Assault |

In the queer world, Black gays and women get overlooked because we get fetishized or overlooked. Also trans people because the media always portrays them as people who are just transitioning and never as people who are looking to have relationships. Everyone is a victim in a generation where everything is based on physical attraction and hooking up. When physical attraction is the basis of a relationship both people suffer from body issues.

Not that we need to go around blaming people for the way our generation dates now, but I was curious to see who or what college students thought caused this dating problem that we have.

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I would say guys, honestly. American University prides itself on being academically challenging and a place were driven student can suceed. This is the question I asked of over forty administrators, faculty and staff members, and student activists from across the District of Columbia in individual interviews over the course of June and July Each person answered the question in a different way; however, one trend rose to the surface. In the past two years, the United States has made enormous progress in addressing campus sexual assault, but many campuses are missing a part of the equation: She then introduced Ray-Jones.

Following her remarks, she moderated a panel with nine students from across the District, giving them a chance to provide feedback about their experiences as student activists working on the issues of dating violence and sexual assault. In response to a question about the biggest obstacles facing college campuses in addressing sexual violence, students talked about a variety of concerns.

Persuasive speech dating campus issues

Several observed that campus culture has to be open to combating sexual assault and dating violence. Others raised the issue of intersectionality and making sure that vulnerable populations who are disproportionately affected by these issues have adequate resources. So as to change campus culture, students discussed the importance of bolstering mental health resources, offering bystander intervention education and implementing peer education programs. The lone male student on the panel also underscored the need to further engage men on these issues. Next, the rest of the attendees broke out into tabletop discussions to further explore the topics raised by the student panel.

As the event progressed, I was struck by the number of creative campaigns, trainings, programs and initiatives targeted towards confronting sexual assault and dating violence already in effect across DC.